Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Hello All,

I would like to invite you to check out my new book, Kit's Sweet Revenge.
A great story about a woman that discovers her true self and power along an erotic pathway, with very sexy help of course.
Kit finds that true love is the best thing she has ever known.

Here is a little taste of what you will find in Kit's Sweet Revenge.  Enjoy !

Richard and Ricky broke apart then Richard grabbed Kit and kissed her deep thrusting his tongue in and out till she was moaning. He broke the kiss and Ricky pulled her over and thrust his tongue deep tasting her sweetness. Ricky broke the kiss and leaned back panting.
     Dirk and Richard grabbed each other and at the same time repeated the vow “I love you brother.” Dirk pulled Richard to him and trusted his tongue in deep reaffirming the bond tasting him. Richard took charge thrusting his tongue into Dirks mouth stoking deep reaffirming their bond. They pulled apart and looked at Kit. Kit was visibly shaking from the power flowing through her from them. The sight combined with the power was keeping her on the edge of her climax.
     Richard pulled Kit close and kissed her deeply stroking his tongue against hers till she was breathless. Richard broke the kiss and helped her turn toward Dirk. Dirk knew she was teetering on the edge and the power was going to be intense when she released it. Dirk took her mouth and plunged his tongue taking long deep tastes of her mouth. He could feel Kit shudder, could feel the power swirling around her. 
     He broke the kiss and pulled back. Kit was shaking all over her body was hot to the touch now they had to make her climax the power was building in her trying to burst forth.

Kit was shaking her entire body was on fire, her blood felt thick running through her veins. She felt the power bouncing around inside her trying to escape. She needed them all now!

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